Adjustable (radial)regreasablerobust
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SFE110.5200 Adjustable heavy-duty guide units - Radial roller adjustable via eccentric for high axial loads

The heavy-duty guide unit consists of a support roller and an eccentric roller mounted on a mounting plate. The eccentric roller can be adjusted on both sides to minimize play. The design with a combined radial and axial guide roller makes optimum use of the installation space. It can absorb up to 40% higher loads in the axial direction and thus increases the load-bearing capacity in this direction to up to 20.00 kN axially and 24.06 kN radially. The SFE110.5200 heavy-duty guide unit at a glance:
  • Minimization of play, as it can be adjusted on both sides
  • Optimum use of the installation space
  • Axial roller with 40% higher load capacity
  • Optimal use in constructions with cantilevered loads
A guide profile is also required for each heavy-duty guide unit. The appropriate guide profile is UP110.0700. ALFATEC also offers the heavy-duty guide unit in various sizes. sizes for low and high loads.