Automotive lifting system stand-alone version

High Security requirement
Conveyor unit on-site
Screwed Steel platform at a height of 6 m
Version Stand-alone version

Automotive lifting system stand-alone version

The automotive lifting system is used in an engine production facility. The lifting system is approached via an on-site conveyor unit and conveys motors with a weight of 700 kg. The challenge with this project: The lifting system is bolted as a stand-alone version to a steel platform at a height of 6 meters. This exposes it to higher vibrations, but these are prevented by the clever design.

System availability must be guaranteed in 3-shift operation, 7 days a week. By using our low-maintenance ALFATEC components, service times can be kept to a minimum.

This type of lifting system is subject to extremely high safety requirements. The lifting system is equipped with several safety components, including

  • Counterweight GW,
  • AWK maintenance chain,
  • Position staking ASB.P,
  • Fall protection AVS
  • and safety staking ABS.

The drive is also redundant thanks to the double design (in stand-by mode). The toothed belt drive does not need to be relubricated and is ideal for the high speed of 1 m/s and the high acceleration of 0.4 m/s². In addition to its ease of maintenance, the lifting system also impresses with the ALFA-Speed rollers and profiles used.

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