Intralogistics Lifting system Pallet lifter

Lifting height High
Manufactured Two-piece
Fall protection AVS Purely mechanical
Maintenance Light

Intralogistics Lifting system Pallet lifter

Intralogistics lifting system

Our ALFATEC lift mast is used to ensure that pallets can be transported safely even at dizzying heights. Our ALFATEC lift mast is designed for a maximum lifting height of 15,700 mm. Clever solution: the lifting mast was manufactured in two parts to enable easy assembly on site. Plug-in/screw connections ensure simple installation. The lifting path of 15,050 mm is covered at a speed of 24 m/min with a load capacity of one ton.
As the drive is mounted at the bottom of the ALFATEC lift mast, maintenance can be carried out ergonomically and safely and the installation space can be used efficiently at the same time.


The ALFATEC AVS fall protection system is also used. It ensures that the pallets are secured even in the event of a power failure, failure of the drive unit or a control error. Thanks to its purely mechanical operation, it guarantees additional safety. The fall protection therefore guarantees a high level of process reliability and at the same time ensures a lower probability of failure. The low-maintenance ALFATEC guide system also maximizes the availability of the entire system and thus ensures high capacity utilization.

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