Lift/swivel unit Hip method

Load capacity 20,000 kg
Swivel range 90°
Includes Screw jack tables
Includes Capsule intake

Lift/swivel unit Hip method

Special solution

Bodycote in Magny-Cours, France, refines parts for racing. This method is called the HIP process – hot isostatic pressing at high temperatures and under high pressure. The workpieces to be processed are placed on customized workpiece carriers, encapsulated – wrapped in metal foil. The entire filled capsule, weighing up to twenty tons, is then subjected to effective isostatic pressure on all sides for several hours. These parts are heated up to 2,500°C in the oven and cooled down to 50°C to 60°C by the time they reach the station – loading and unloading then takes place within an hour. This makes it clear that internal logistics must also be fast, smooth and efficient.

An individually designed charging station takes into account the spatial conditions, facilitates the process for the employees and enables the handling of a load of up to twenty tons precisely and reliably. The basis is formed by two spindle lifting units, while on one side the employee loads the workpiece carrier and prepares it for collection, the oven hood is received on the other side for unloading. The oven hoods are transported in and out with the indoor crane.

The charging beams are sunk up to three meters into the ground with the screw jacks. The given hall height is sufficient and at the same time the employee always has an optimum working height. What sounds simple requires a clever system in which the charging station and crane are optimally coordinated. The charging station requires little space: three by five meters. Sensors monitor the entire process. This ensures pinpoint precision. The extreme reduction in loading/unloading times is an advantage for the customer.

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