Linear gantry with paper roll gripper

Load capacity up to 4,500 kg
Paper roll length up to 2,000 mm
Paper roll outer diameter up to 1,550 mm
Conveyor technology for gripping, lifting, turning, moving

Linear gantry with paper roll gripper

Heavy rollers move heavy rollers

Lifting and moving heavy loads is part of everyday life in the manufacturing industry and in logistics. The perfect conveyor technology solution was developed for a label manufacturer’s new coating plant for incoming and outgoing goods and at the unpacking station. In the current situation, the paper rolls required for the production and coating of different label types can only be delivered upright. For the internal material flow, however, these must be moved horizontally on an automated guided vehicle (AGV). At first glance, the actual task seems simple: tilting the upright roll for processing and then returning it to a vertical position for delivery.

The challenge: the paper rolls weigh up to 4.5 tons and have a maximum outer diameter of 1,550 millimetres and a length of up to 2 meters. The reel must be turned safely and transported reliably. The tight installation space and limited height make handling even more difficult. There is no standard solution for a project with such complex requirements. In contrast to other suppliers on the market, we offer our customers the highest added value: the entire conveyor technology for gripping, turning, lifting and moving from a single source.

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