Linear gantry with special gripper

Portal Linear gantry
Press feeding Automated
Lubrication Central lubrication
Maintenance simple

Linear gantry with special gripper

Linear gantry with X- and Y-axis

The ALFATEC linear gantry consists of an X and Y axis and is the central component of an automated press loading system. The components are transported from the storage rack to the press and from the press to another storage rack in 3-shift operation.

With a travel distance of 6.3 meters in the X-axis and 1.2 meters in the Y-axis, a load capacity of 250 kg is moved. Increased positioning accuracy in both axes is ensured by means of recirculating ball bearing guides. At the customer’s request, an interface was created to integrate their gripping system perfectly into the ALFATEC solution.

Central lubrication extends service and maintenance intervals and reduces them to a minimum.

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