Linear unit Cross-travel unit

Sledges on-site chain conveyor
Total height low
Construction method low-maintenance & robust

Linear unit Cross-travel unit

The task is to move an on-site chain conveyor crosswise by means of a linear unit in order to be able to approach several conveyor lines individually with the cross-travel unit. This means that products can be selected in a space-saving manner and conveyed onwards according to type.

The challenge: the on-site conveyor technology must be installed close to the ground. The aim is to achieve the lowest possible height of the linear unit. At the same time, a load capacity of 1,300 kg is required. The ALFATEC solution made it possible to achieve an overall height of just 250 mm. This means an enormous advantage: the customer does not have to stand the conveyor technology upright, but can mount it on the floor.

The linear unit travels at a speed of 0.4 m/s over a length of 4300 mm. The travel axis is driven by a toothed rack. ALFATEC guide components are installed. The energy chain guide and rack and pinion drive are centered within the linear unit.

The linear unit impresses with its robust and low-maintenance design, despite high demands on availability and capacity utilization.

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