Linear unit Robot traversing axis

Special solution individual
Axis Robot traversing axis
Load capacity precise & high
Travel speed high

Linear unit Robot traversing axis

The special version of this linear unit is used as a “stacker crane robot” between two racks and serves as the seventh axis. Components are moved back and forth between the shelves: hot parts are placed on the shelf to cool down before being fed back into the production process once they have cooled down. A lot of dirt and dust accumulates in the surrounding area. Thanks to a special system from ALFATEC, guides and drive components are permanently protected by covers to ensure their longevity.

The challenge: the robot, with a reach of over 2.8 m, can protrude extremely far beyond the driving axle. At the same time, a load of 3,000 kg is moved over 11.5 m at a speed of 1.5 m/s.

The X-axis is driven via a helical, hardened and ground gear rack using precision guides. This enables the seventh axis to meet the precise positioning requirements of the robot. The carriage is adapted to the customer’s robot and is positioned precisely on the carriage using a screw connection and positive locking elements.

The central lubrication system ensures low-maintenance operation and guarantees high process availability.

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