Mobile crate lifter with battery

Load capacity up to 250 kg
Lifting height up to 1,000 mm
Speed 4 m/min
Connection 24 V
Battery Mobile applicability
Battery Long running times with low loading times

Mobile crate lifter with battery

Mobile crate lifter with battery

The ALFATEC crate lifting device enables convenient and efficient work processes. This is because the crate lifting device can be optimally adapted to individual requirements with many options. It combines ergonomic and efficient work processes for high payloads of up to 250 kilograms. A handling solution that can be used anywhere and at any time.

ALFATEC box lifting devices are characterized by their many customization options. This means that the crate lifting device can be configured specifically for the individual requirements of your business. The crate lifting device is therefore suitable for all manufacturing companies that are looking for an individual solution in terms of handling systems, manufacture in shift operation or require flexible workstations without a power connection.


  • Enables optimum ergonomic working
  • Lifts loads of up to 250 kg
  • Customization for optimized workflows
  • Simple assembly and disassembly of all customizations
  • Low space requirement and easy accessibility
  • Maximum protection for your employees thanks to multiple redundant security systems
  • Low-maintenance and low-wear design saves costs
  • Quick adjustment of lifting height and entry height
  • CE-compliant and documented in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Rechargeable battery guarantees mobility – for workstations without a power connection

Technical data:

  • Max. Load capacity: 250 kg
  • Lifting height: 800 – 1,000 mm
  • Lifting speed: 4 m/min
  • Connection: 24 V

Options for individualization:

We adapt our crate lifting devices for various load carriers precisely to your specific requirements – whether different lifting heights, floor rollers, collis or containers. The crate lifts meet the highest ergonomic standards.


  • Variable drive-in height
  • Adjustable lifting height


  • Front loading of the lifting fork lengthwise or crosswise


  • Convenient foot control
  • Hand-held control unit


  • Closed system
  • Multiple redundant security system

Control system

  • Dead man’s switch
  • Semi-automatic with stacking and destacking function


  • Mobile use even at workstations without a power connection
  • Simple plug-and-play process
  • Long running times with low loading times
  • Connection: 24V

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