Multi-axis portal for container panels

Manufacture Container panels
Portal 4-axis gantry
Component Enormous size
Speed high
Load capacity high

Multi-axis portal for container panels

Multi-axle gantry with four axles

According to the Federal Environment Agency, sea freight ships transport around 90 percent of global goods traffic. There are 38 million sea freight containers in circulation worldwide – and the number is growing. Internationally standardized dimensions allow goods to be loaded, transported, stored and unloaded quickly and easily.

A sea freight container with a sturdy frame, solid walls and watertight steel doors has a tare weight of approx. 3.8 tons and can be loaded with 26 tons of material. The production of containers is being continuously automated in order to meet the constantly growing demand. ALFATEC multi-axis gantries now ensure the fast and smooth production process of a container production facility in China. A steel container wall for a 40-foot container is approx. 12.2 m long, approx. 2.5 m wide and weighs over 1,000 kg.

The ALFATEC multi-axle gantries are impressive with their total length of 30 m and width of 16 m and reach the height of a detached house. But it’s not just the size of the entire system that is remarkable: at 2.3 m/s², the linear axes accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h just as fast as a car. At the same time, the Z-axis can rotate 360° in order to maintain optimum process times and cycle specifications. In combination with the high load capacity of one ton and the length of the component of over 12 m, positioning accuracy is a challenge that ALFATEC masters with its multi-axis gantries.

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