Telescopic stacking crane

Load capacity 30 tons
Overall length extended 9.9 meters
Load bearing individual

Telescopic stacking crane

Teleskop Stapelkran

A stacking crane is a stationary but mobile crane. Our telescopic handler is part of this stacking crane and is equipped with the necessary load handling devices for the transported goods. The advantage over a conventional overhead crane is that the guided design prevents the load from swinging upwards. This can significantly reduce process times.

The telescopic solution from ALFATEC is used as a stacking crane for handling round bars. The dimensions are special: round materials with varying lengths between 3.5 meters and 18 meters and a diameter of up to 650 millimeters are transported. In addition to the length of the transported goods, the load capacity of up to 30 tons is extremely high. The C-axis slewing ring has a diameter of over 2.5 meters and enables 360° rotation.

Due to the limited space available, an efficient use of space is required. Due to the low overall height of 4.7 meters and a required extended length of 9.9 meters, this was achieved by means of three synchronously retracting and extending extensions.

Using ALFATEC guide units from the ALFATEC linear guide system, a safe and low-backlash design was guaranteed.

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