Triplex mast with support system

Load capacity 20 tons
Intralogistics Unique concept
Mast Telescopic mast
Use Outdoor area

Special solution

The material logistics department of a well-known car manufacturer plans and controls the transportation processes for networked material flows between suppliers, logistics service providers and the production sites. The intralogistics area of a production site offers great potential for improving productivity in the plant.
A unique intralogistics concept has been developed to make the supply of materials using overseas containers more productive and efficient: an “oversized” sideloader with a telescopic lift mast picks up a 40-foot container from ground level, lifts it directly to the second floor and docks the container to the production hall. Here, the parts are unloaded from the container and integrated directly into the production process at the required location. This eliminates the internal routes through the production hall. Productivity in the material flow is increased: handling steps are eliminated and the unloading time of a container is reduced.

ALFATEC manufactured the telescopic lift mast for the sideloader. The lift mast lifts the 40-foot container with loads of up to 20 tons to a lifting height of seven meters. The mast is approx. 2.5 m wide and has two telescopic extensions, which are hydraulically driven. The sideloader is used in 3-shift operation in the outdoor area. Another special feature of this truck is that the driver’s cab is lifted together with the container.

ALFATEC mammoth profiles and mammoth guide rollers are used to realize telescopic and travel paths. The result is a robust and low-maintenance mast that is also suitable for outdoor use. The containers are picked up by special forks made by ALFATEC.

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