Automated pallet doubler

Pallet handling Automated
Construction method space-saving
Fall protection pneumatic
System availability maximum

Automated pallet doubler

The pallet doubler is therefore suitable wherever companies need to stack pallets in a space-saving and automated manner.

Advantages of the pallet doppler: on the one hand, pallet handling is much faster, more precise and safer than is possible with a forklift truck. On the other hand, the pallet doubler is a solution that fits into your automated goods flow concept to store and convey pallets in a space-saving manner.

The X-axis of the device impresses with its slim and simple design. The robust and low-maintenance pallet doppler moves products from the beverage industry with a load capacity of 600 kg. The X-axis is driven by a toothed rack and the Z-axis by a chain drive. The ASB fall protection system provides additional safety: this fall protection system is also effective in the event of a power failure. Maximum system availability, process safety and reliability are guaranteed.

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