Freight elevator for pallet cages

Pit on the customer side
Run-in at ground level
Loading manual
Maintenance simple

Freight elevator for pallet cages

Freight elevator

The platform of the goods elevator measures 1,400 x 1,600 mm and is designed for a load capacity of 1,200 kg. The lifting path of 3,500 mm is covered at a speed of 12 m/min. The platform is loaded manually: pallet cages are placed on the platform using a pallet truck. A galvanized tear plate is attached to the platform, which provides additional corrosion protection.

Thanks to our clever design, the lift carriage moves into the customer’s pit while the lift mast is at zero level. This makes it possible to walk in at ground level. The load lifter is operated with an efficient chain drive.

Three positions are approached. The mechanical position lock offers maximum safety when loading and unloading the platform.

The goods elevator is easy to operate and scores with maximum reliability. The goods elevator is extremely low-maintenance. This avoids unnecessarily long downtimes and maintenance costs.

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