Freight elevator in the logistics center

Pit not available
Safety components redundant
Overload function resilient
Maintenance simple

Freight elevator in the logistics center

Freight elevator

Our goods elevator is used in 2-shift operation in a logistics center for equestrian sports equipment. Goods for shipping parcels and store deliveries are stored, picked and dispatched on two floors. The platform of the goods elevator measures 1,000 mm x 2,000 mm and is designed for a load capacity of 500 kg. The lifting path of 3,100 mm is covered at a speed of 9 m/min.

The order picking trolley is moved onto the platform manually by workers. Thanks to our clever design, it is possible to drive in at ground level without the need for on-site recessing. The space-saving freight elevator was supplied with a control system and enclosure and specially adapted to the conditions on site. The overload function and redundant safety components are particularly noteworthy. The mechanical position lock offers maximum safety when loading the platform. This also works in a de-energized state, as it is only triggered mechanically. The goods elevator is easy to operate and scores with maximum reliability. The goods elevator is extremely low-maintenance. This avoids unnecessarily long downtimes and maintenance costs.

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