Painting lifting platform for mobile cranes

Extended telescopic length 3 m
Painting lifting platform on both sides
Drive elements ATEX protected
Drive Pneumatic

Painting lifting platform for mobile cranes

Optimally adapted to your explosion protection area

The painting lifting platforms are used in a painting system for mobile cranes. Our pneumatic aerial work platforms are ideal for use in hazardous and potentially explosive areas in painting applications. The painting lifting platforms are pneumatically driven with an operating pressure of 6 bar. The painting elevating work platforms can be moved along three axes: moving the platform over 15 m, lifting and lowering up to 4 m and telescoping the basket. The basket is moved at a lifting speed of 3 m/min. A travel speed of up to 15 m/min can be achieved when moving the platform.

The special feature of the painting access platform is the high freedom of movement: the retracted length is 1,200 mm and the extended length is 3,000 mm. The freedom of movement results in less strain and fatigue for workers.

The load capacity is 180 kg. Operation is via joysticks or foot pedals in the car. External emergency lowering is possible via an additional control element on the lifting column. The tested safety systems ensure accident-free working.

The use of two painting lifting platforms shortens the painting time and increases the throughput time.

Compressed air accumulators offer the user safe lowering even in the event of a compressed air failure.

On special customer request, the aerial work platform can move to a predefined position to carry out maintenance and servicing work.

In addition to their ease of maintenance, the painting access platforms also impress with the Tiger rollers and ALFA-Speed rollers used.

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