Painting lifting platform for vehicle frames

Painting lifting platform for vehicle frames

Optimally adapted to your explosion protection area

The painting lifting platforms are used in painting systems for vehicle frames of truck trailers. The vehicle frames to be painted are cycled through the paint booths using P+F rails. Four painting lifting platforms are arranged diagonally opposite each other in two painting booths. For maximum flexibility, the aerial work platforms are not welded or dowelled, but clamped into the existing cabins. Thanks to the use of four painting lifting platforms, the painting time is reduced and the throughput time increased.

The painting lifting platforms are driven purely pneumatically with an operating pressure of 6 bar. The lifting axis raises and lowers at a working height of between 270 mm and 2520 mm. The basket is moved at a lifting speed of 12 m/min. The load capacity is 250 kg.

Operation is via foot switch in the lifting cage (dimensions of lifting cage 2.5 m x 0.8 m). External emergency lowering is possible via an additional control element on the lifting column. Compressed air accumulators offer the user safe lowering to the starting position even in the event of a compressed air failure.

The all-round safety edge on the lifting cage ensures accident-free working. The downward movement is stopped immediately if the safety edge hits an object or person below it. When the safety edge stops, the worker can move upwards in the basket to avoid getting stuck.
The safety catch on the lifting cage ensures personal protection. In addition, the lift cage is secured against overload: if there is too much weight on the lift cage, it is not possible to drive off.

The aerial work platforms are equipped with maintenance chains to carry out maintenance and servicing work. In addition to their ease of maintenance, the painting access platforms also impress with the Tiger rollers and ALFA-Speed rollers used.

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